Let’s Talk with Joe Meyer

A open talk on the mind of Joe Meyer dealing with such topics as Daily Life, Mental Heath, Family and topics relating to the existence of Bigfoot and the unknown.

Today we celebrate Father’s Day and Two year anniversary of Just talk with Joe Meyer Podcast.

Today we discuss the importance of recognizing our accomplishments, milestones and failures. We talk about some of the struggles I went through to get me up my mindset today. Come join me as he dig into how we can all be more positive mentally and physically.

Today we discuss second chances and the pursuit of those second chances. We also discuss being sorry and it’s importance. Lastly we dive into some politics and other topics.

Today we honor mothers especially my mother and wife the mother of our child Mikaylah. We also go through the history of Mother’s Day and where it began.

Today we discuss family, life and some politics as I dig into my high school days, finding love and the value of self worth.

Today we honor Easter and it Resurrection day . As a man of god and faith I want to discuss this day and why it’s important to me and my family. We also chat about movies, some politics and life thus far. Come join me!

Today we take it slow and easy talk. Join me in my distractions as we converse about current events in my life.

Today we discuss work, life and war with ourselves at times. We also discuss current events taking place.

Today our discussion leads to some childhood memories. In addition discuss failure, success in life and career. Come join me as I work to build up confidence like I’ve never seen before.

Today we discuss my post covid and holiday as I recover from covid . We discuss music, movies and more. Let’s make 2022 great!

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