Let’s Talk with Joe Meyer

A open talk on the mind of Joe Meyer dealing with such topics as Daily Life, Mental Heath, Family and topics relating to the existence of Bigfoot and the unknown.

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family! Our short conversation on the meaning of being thankful from a biblical and personal perspective. Even in todays thankless times we all can be thankful.

Today we discuss societies focus on body positivity and the toxic implications it can have on young minds. In addition we give honor to my wife and marriage with our 11 years of marriage and much more.

Today we discuss those moment of painful memories I remember growing up sometimes reminiscent of my own child’s tears. We look deeper into the importance of those tears and what they mean in our lives. This is a tear jerker lol .

Today we chit chat about my current book being edit with its new working title. Talked about out belief and values that may not live in reality. Today we mixed it up no politics on today’s chat.

Breaking the Chains and stigma of Mental illness. We discuss today media depictions like in the TV series’s Homeland and film Joker. Come join the conversation as we talk about this incredible topic.

Happy 4th of July to America. Today we discuss the importance of feeling grateful to being Made in America. We also discuss the normal boring stuff of home , work, life and politics.

Happy Fathers Day Dads! Today we discuss the importance of fathers in our life and all the homers who truly screw us up or make us better. I go in depth into my childhood of those men who acted as good and bad role models of fathers.

Time does fly when your having fun as we celebrate 1 year of pods. What a journey for myself and my discovery of new things I learned about my life and hopefully you learned too. Thank you for your support!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms who what what it takes to feed their flock. Today we discuss my own mother and my memories from childhood into adulthood and the mother of my child.

Today’s conversation discussed the importance of dreams both in physical and sleep sense. We dove into my dreams from a young age and how those panned out in and didn’t .

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