Let’s Talk with Joe Meyer

A open talk on the mind of Joe Meyer dealing with such topics as Daily Life, Mental Heath, Family and topics relating to the existence of Bigfoot and the unknown.

Today’s Conversation post Thanksgiving and the state of our country, books as I discuss my love of reading such as 1984, Brave New World and The Exorcist to name a few in addition to other off topics and rants. Join me as we chit chat.

Being Thankful in today’s world can be difficult as we fight to survive in a culture that wants to fight you bringing only hate. Wishing everyone a great thanksgiving remembering what is important in today’s day and age.

Confusing times certainty as we discuss the new president elect, living in a time filled with anger and hate.

Halloween a time for ghouls and Goblins, Ghost to dwell among us. Today we discuss my own spiritual encounters from a young age until today. We also through in some politics in preparation for the coming elections and current events in my life.

Our discussion dives into American politics, current events and how the soul of our nation is rapidly changing for the worse. Get out an vote and remember our civic duty our country is depending on you.

10 years of wedding bliss as we talk about marriage, love and hardships in my life. Thankful for every moment even the sad and bad moments that make up a marriage but all worth it. We talk a little politics, current events in these crazy times.

2nd part due to originally pod getting cut off unexpectedly. Join the finish of our conversation.

Be a Dream warrior as we discuss the importance of following our dreams, never giving up. In addition to discussing the effects of social media.

Today we discuss what our democracy has become as we dive into Rob Wijnbergs article from the correspondent titled Dear news media, stop covering the US as if it’s a democracy. In addition to current events and the effects of social media in society.

Today we recognize Suicide Prevention Month and being kind and generous to those around us. In addition diving into spiritual world of how entities can affect ones mental health and how to cope living in these pandemic days.

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