Let’s Talk with Joe Meyer

A open talk on the mind of Joe Meyer dealing with such topics as Daily Life, Mental Heath, Family and topics relating to the existence of Bigfoot and the unknown.

Time does fly when your having fun as we celebrate 1 year of pods. What a journey for myself and my discovery of new things I learned about my life and hopefully you learned too. Thank you for your support!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms who what what it takes to feed their flock. Today we discuss my own mother and my memories from childhood into adulthood and the mother of my child.

Today’s conversation discussed the importance of dreams both in physical and sleep sense. We dove into my dreams from a young age and how those panned out in and didn’t .

Join our conversation sans politics today as we discuss high school, life and friendship. I take a step back into my high school days, loving the music and film Footloose 1984 and much more.

Today I give honor to my wife and mother of our child on her birthday. As I go deep into how she saved me at my most vulnerable moments and our life today. In addition we also talked about Harry Potter, Immigration and schools reopening not in that order.

Today’s conversation about the 90’s , the pain, happiness, music and movies I remember from this time. Also remembering the points in my life I wish I could have changed.

Today’s conversation lead to many roads as I discussed work, my writing and being an author one day and so much more. Join me as we slow down our conversation and just sit and enjoy each other’s company.

Today we talk about the struggles of being healthy in this pandemic as I work my way back to being healthier. Discussing my favorite tunes to motivate me in my journey to lose weight and keep the weight off after 40.

Living in America as the greatest country in the world but not without our flaws. Today we discuss that , my writing, movies, music and more.

Happy new year 2021 kicking off the new year with a positive chat despite our countries turmoil. Come join the conversation.

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